Kologbo – Africa is the Future

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give it back!

Kologbo – Freedom Back


Africa is the Future

coming soon in 2010 from Oghene Kologbo. born in Warri (Nigeria) in 1958,  Kologbo has been an integral member of the legendary Fela Kuti’s Africa ’70 for the whole life of the band. Kologbo’s tight tenor guitar playing is a key sound in all the masterpiece records that define the sound of Afrobeat…

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abikuVille riSing…

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advanced melanic cybonix

The path is made by walking…

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the real deal...

why haven’t you seen this yet sucka!?

soooooooooo good!!! instant classic!!!

here are a few pics from a special screening with both writer and leading star Michael Jai White along with director Scott Sanders…

fans already rocking t-shirts on opening night!

the man, the myth, the legend signs some posters for eager fans

another blurry shot...oh well

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Robot Redux

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I wonder if obamatron meant this


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Ishmael Reed, eat your heart out…

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talking android



The 2nd Stage of the plan is to groom a Talking Android who will work within the Negro, who seems to be its classical host; to drive it out, categorize it analyze it expell it slay it, blot Jes Grew. A speaking scull they can use any way they want, a rapping antibiotic who will abort it from the American womb to which it clings like a stubborn fetus.

In other words this Talking Android will be engaged to cut-it-up, break down this Germ, keep it from behind the counter. To begin the campaign, No DANCING posters are ordered by the 100s.

All agree something must be done.

“Jes Grew is the boll weevil eating away at the fabric of our forms our technique our aesthetic integrity,” says a Southern congressman. “1 must ponder the effect of Jew Grew upon 2,000 years of civilization,” Calvinist editorial writers wonder aloud.”

(the above is an excerpt from Ishmael Reed’s classic ‘Mumbo Jumbo‘)


guess I understand better that look now…

then again there is this,

and finally the obamatron in action…

***bonus points if somehow this gets tangled up in the “Hitler is pissed” meme…you know, Hitler would be like “First the teabaggers compare the first black president to me and NOW I find out that he is really a Disney animatronic robot…and Disney still really owns Marvel too?!?!?!?”

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