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More Negative Spaces…

Here are two to keep on your coffee table or equivalent. I have never had a cup of coffee and still find it a strange way to describe the furniture mainly used to place the TV remote on. Magazines go there too, as do feet when stretching out. Never coffee though for me…

Anyway here is the first:

stuff white people like

Now doesn’t that look like something to curl up with on a cold wet night, hot chocolate with marshmallows awaiting careful sips.  Just puts me in a peaceful mood just thinking about it. An honest to goodness field guide! No more awkward guessing, here is the only reference you will ever need to understand the stereotypes that bombard you constantly in the media. Bravo!

Stuff White People Like will be released on July 1st, 2008 through Random House. Get yours now!

The book features:

  • 50% all new, never before seen material. (blog plus more!)
  • Flow charts including, “How to name a white child,” and “Where should a white person live?”
  • A definitive, easy-to-score quiz to determine your exact level of whiteness.
  • Much, much more!

Check the Abikuville Cybonix Feed in the bottom of the sidebar for samples but if you are still confused I think this pic pretty much sums it up. I know both David and Michel will pre-order their copies…the name of the book could almost work in a post modern way as the caption of the photo…

stuff white people like redux

Next up! A Classic in my opinion that refuses to grow old. In fact, it only gets better with age…

And voila!:

beautiful people with beautiful feelings

This super dope and informative table book speaks volumes about those “DEEPER THOUGHTS”. Donnie Miller should really somehow develop a whole TV show and Retail Chain franchise with the profound richness found between these pages of wonderfully subtle yet bold illustrations on the finer points of having a Beautiful Life with Beautiful Feelings.

Let Donnie break it down to you himself:

You can find this in any book store and trust me, you’ll find yourself returning to its pages again and again and again. Negative spaces with maps that are sometimes more reflective than we have the courage to admit…

taken out of context


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