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Black Elvis

June 10, 2009

I have always admired the complexity of the name “Elvis”. You get both “Lives” and “Evils” right out of the gate. However, add Kool Keith to the mix and all of sudden you end up with “Black Elvis”. You know, somehow subtlety changed and even more complex….“Black Elvis” is like the monolith from the 2001 movie, it just looks at you and dares you to ask all sorts of mind numbing questions. Which is why I am especially feeling that Japanese artist Verbal from Teriyaki Boyz decided to go ahead and produce the “prized object” of Kool Keith’s alter ego. I’m talking about that insane “hat” he ran (perhaps still?) around with while solidifying the Elvis remix.

check it:
I mean think about it, how many times have you seen the lame afro wig? This here is on a whole different level…
Its ok…I know you want it too…
oh and finally here is the MC known simply as Verbal, now does it all make sense? He rocks the Black Elvis and other fashion gear on his label called AMBUSH…

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