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Count Weevil’s “zebraXing”

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julio steeze

*see* what you have been missing…click the link below for the journey….



So there is this music/culture/film festival happening right now in my native Brooklyn NYC and I have to give it a shout out. Homeboy James Spooner has been pushing his film and this scene for awhile now and I think this may be the biggest get so far, they are expecting over 30,000 this time around! Anyway, here you go:

afropunk flyer front

afropunk flyer front

afropunk flyer back

afropunk flyer back

Afro-punk, BAMcinematek, Toyota & Mountain Dew present

featuring Film, Music, Art, Skateboarding and Independence

July 4 – 13 in Brooklyn, NY

This summer Afro-Punk, BAMcinematek, Toyota & Mountain Dew will present the 4th annual Afro-Punk Festival, taking place July 4th – July 13th, 2008 in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. The festival is the definitive destination for the global Afro-Punk community and audiences yearning to experience true AP culture. Last year 30,000 people attended the festvial, and this year is expected to be even bigger, featuring 40 bands, 15 films being screened, a visual art exhibit and a skate park featuring 30 pro BMX riders/skaters.
Afro-Punk Festival 2008

Free and open to the public, Afro-Punk Festival 2008 will spotlight some of the most exciting young artists and bands from the US and abroad, presenting live music and films every night throughout the festival, along with several other key events including:

5th July 2008 Festival Launch Party @ AP Skate Park

12pm – 4pm: OPEN Skate Clinic
5pm – 6pm: DJ – Skate Board & BMX Demo

Special Guest DJ: Afrika Bambatta

Shawn Hewitt
Janelle Monae
The Apes
Ends 11pm

7th July 2008
@ AP Skate Park

12pm – 4pm: OPEN Skate Clinic
4pm: DJ – Skate Board & BMX Demo

Tim Williams
Hollywood Holt
Ends 11pm

8th July 2008 @ AP Skate Park

12pm – 4pm: OPEN Skate Clinic
4pm: DJ – Skate Board & BMX Demo

Echo Jinx
Disaster Us
LIke Gravitiy
Whole Weat Bread
Ends 11pm

9th July 2008
@ AP Skate Park

12pm – 4pm: OPEN Skate Clinic
DJ – Skate Board & BMX Demo

Planet Ubiquity
Voodoo Fee
Lets Go To War
Bazaar Royale
Game Rebellion
Bone Crusher
Ends 11pm

12th July 2008 @ Fort Greene Park
Sophia Ramos
Little Jackie
Tamar Kali
The Dirtbombs


8.30 – 10.00: Film Screening in the park
Ends 10pm

13th July 2008 BLOCK PARTY @ Clinton Ave

The Caesarz
The Carps

Ends 8pm
The AP Skate Park

A skate park including ramps and a half-pipe will be erected in the BAM car park and open for 5 full days of the festival. Staffed by BMX pro skaters who will give demonstrations, the AP Skate Park will provide free instruction for youth of all ages along with boards, pads, and helmets. Rounding out the Skate Park will be a music stage hosting a high-energy series of DJ sets and band performances.

The AP Art Series

This year AP presents the work of artists chosen from a supremely talented pool of young exhibition hopefuls, including a cooperative graffiti mural project courtesy of the Trust Your Struggle Art Collective. The critically acclaimed, multi-national collective of brilliant young visual artisans will bring more than 25 artists together to co-create a mural over the course of 5 days at the AP Skate Park.


The Afro-Punk Festival marketplaces will feature emerging artisans of the AP movement, representing music, fashion, arts & crafts, and more. And in a special collaboration between Afro-Punk, BAM, and MARP, the bi-monthly open-air Brooklyn Urban Arts Market (exclusively featuring local businesses) will launch during the AP Block Party.

Like every powerful music-based movement, Afro-Punk is deeper, broader, and more complex than a a simple genre designation. AP is a provocative social statement — a remixed global aesthetic that influences youth fashion and personal style, and inspires a multitude of artists in a variety of disciplines as they come together to embrace and celebrate the AP culture. We invite you to join us in this celebration!

Don’t front on this event, if you are in Brooklyn you should go and check it and lend your support. I mean c’mon even Bambata is gonna be there! I do think the whole skate/bmx angle is a bit *commercial* for my tastes, as a die hard bmxer myself I can’t hate. So big up your situation James!

Oh and for those wondering if this is just some bogus hip sounding movement meant to attract dudes with single speed track bikes who like to drink Pabst (I ain’t gonna lie and say thats not EXACTLY who will be there at the party), it goes way deeper and darker. I grew up listening to the one and only BAD BRAINS and H.R. is still a hero of mine. Expression is akin to breathing for most afros…

Bad Brains

Anyway, everyone knows Punk is just another vector of the neo West Indian scene in London. That may not be the American perception of Punk of course, that honor goes to bands like Green Day, etc. The Clash’s Joe Strummer knew what was up though…on the real.

Here is a bit featuring another homeboy named Saul Williams performing and breaking it down to the crowd at Austin Texas’ South by Southwest Festival. I think this pretty much speaks for itself…

Punk is *NOT* fashion, it is *SENSE*…

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