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no explanation needed

is that so?


some images need no explanation…



Found on the 1nt3rw3b5…

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worth more than a thousand words...

worth more than a thousand words...

I know, I know…been a nanosecond since there has been a new post. working on that. meanwhile, came across this just now on the interweb…this playing nicely off the *new ipod/itunes* shuck and jive routine from Apple as they announce their new consumer media products today. so I had to post it.

trying now to figure out the “Genius” *feature* in the new iTunes. SRSLY APPLE? aww shucks.

just when I thought things were getting better, I see now that they are in fact getting worse…

***as a bonus make sure to read the full EULA before starting up the “Genius“. All your media are belong to Apple, haha!

 I normally stick images in the gallery so if you haven’t clicked through the links above, go ahead and make yourself at home.

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silence between words

hey. um, i guess before I say much of anything on here…you should consider this too. especially in relation to the post below. you know how pictures function…more words, better said…less typing, that kind of thing. you know you are getting *it* when the synapses start firing like its the fourth of July.

afrofuturisc circa 1980zzzzz