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abikuVille riSing…

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

advanced melanic cybonix

The path is made by walking…

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Ishmael Reed, eat your heart out…

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment
talking android


The 2nd Stage of the plan is to groom a Talking Android who will work within the Negro, who seems to be its classical host; to drive it out, categorize it analyze it expell it slay it, blot Jes Grew. A speaking scull they can use any way they want, a rapping antibiotic who will abort it from the American womb to which it clings like a stubborn fetus.

In other words this Talking Android will be engaged to cut-it-up, break down this Germ, keep it from behind the counter. To begin the campaign, No DANCING posters are ordered by the 100s.

All agree something must be done.

“Jes Grew is the boll weevil eating away at the fabric of our forms our technique our aesthetic integrity,” says a Southern congressman. “1 must ponder the effect of Jew Grew upon 2,000 years of civilization,” Calvinist editorial writers wonder aloud.”

(the above is an excerpt from Ishmael Reed’s classic ‘Mumbo Jumbo‘)


guess I understand better that look now…

then again there is this,

and finally the obamatron in action…

***bonus points if somehow this gets tangled up in the “Hitler is pissed” meme…you know, Hitler would be like “First the teabaggers compare the first black president to me and NOW I find out that he is really a Disney animatronic robot…and Disney still really owns Marvel too?!?!?!?”

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Count Weevil’s “zebraXing”

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

julio steeze

*see* what you have been missing…click the link below for the journey….

Trade for (e)GO: the new currency of VIRTUALITY 2.3

January 10, 2009 Leave a comment


Main Entry:
ego           Listen to the pronunciation of ego
\ˈē-(ˌ)gō also ˈe-\
Inflected Form(s):
plural egos
New Latin, from Latin, I — more at i
1: the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world2 a: egotism 2 b: self-esteem 13: the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality especially by functioning both in the perception of and adaptation to reality — compare id , superego
ego·less adjective
Main Entry:
al·ter ego           Listen to the pronunciation of alter ego
\ˌȯl-tər-ˈē-(ˌ)gō alsoˈe-(ˌ)gō\
Latin, literally, second I
: a second self: as a: a trusted friend b: the opposite side of a personality c: counterpart 3
Main Entry:
ego trip
: an act or course of action that enhances and satisfies one’s ego
ego–trip intransitive verb
ego–trip·per noun
kurtis knew what was up...

kurtis knew what was up...

so Bollweevil just did his magic thang again and coined the next hottest VIRTUALITY term of the century. it is amazing to actually witness new fjords like these being created as he not only DROPS science but also BOUNCES science if ya feel me. anyway here it is:

“trading for ego”

i will let the cat out of the bag in another post, so for now just ruminate on this little gem. a whole new subcontext of a universe is born…and my god, its full of stars…hahaha!!!

its yours alright

it's yours alright

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Who Run Tings?!?

December 23, 2008 Leave a comment


that was only 10 years ago!!!

that was only 10 years ago!!!












what can I say? I am just another PROUD BAJAN and I know they’re going to be jumping and jiving on the island when this party goes down.

dem kno no wah gwan, seen? nuff respect…

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The Holy Rollin’ of BAPTAZIA: culture jamming at its finest…

December 16, 2008 Leave a comment

In the beginning was the DRUM,

and when it spoke it said:

SRSLY folks…I have been sleeping on this for awhile, watching it blossom and grow. Been tracking its slithering patterns as it makes its way virally across the interwebs. Been reading all the comments people are writing about this particular phenomenon…everything from the religious right to the club kids. However, today it kinda came back around full circle and found its way back to me via a myspace blog update from Flying Lotus. The title of FlyLo’s post was simple enough, it just said one word, “Church”. That is when it kinda hit me hard and I came to the realization of what I was witnessing in the guise of the movement that is media in the Obama era. Yeah, I know it sounds confusing to some of y’all. You got that dazed look on your face considering just what I mean when I say media IS a movement…not only that but oddly enough it is a movement that exists below the level at the grassroots…something akin to source material when dealing with sampling. After you get over the smug recoil of the cleverness tag embedded in this media, you can start to get a feel for its actual texture. It is a very complex texture to be sure. Not yet convinced? 

Have another bite then…this time chew a little bit longer…

*feel free to hit the replay button before reading further.

Of course, Ishmael Reed had this to say in ‘Mumbo Jumbo’:

“The Jes Grew epidemic was unlike physical plagues. Actually Jes Grew was an anti-plague. Some plagues caused the body to waste away; Jes Grew enlivened the host. Other plagues were accompanied by bad air (malaria). Jes Grew victims said that the air was as clear as they had ever seen it and that there was the aroma of roses and perfumes which had never before enticed their nostrils. Some plagues arise from decomposing animals, but Jes Grew is electric as life and is characterized by ebullience and ecstasy. Terrible plagues were due to the wrath of God; but Jes Grew is the delight of the gods.”

Hmm, a cultural impulse or imperative? 

Duke Ellington writes in his libretto to “The Drum is a Woman:”

Rhythm came from Africa to America.
Do you know what it does to you?
Exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Methinks the Duke was onto something…have another look…

So the questions hangs, ever lingering in the air, as MC GQ put it, “who wants IT, who WANTS it?!?”. I can almost imagine the chorus of nodding “yes-we-can-ers” chanting “WE DO, WE DO!”. Cut to Obama’s graceful and sincere smile and fade to black…

make no mistake, this ain’t no coincidence, this is emergence. (now puzzled faces muse, “Do we?”)

Perhaps this media movement has a leg up on us and we lost the quick draw? So now what?

The byproducts of BAPTAZIA are destined and bound for commercial upkeep and brand name pre-cognition for sure. I have to before I forget give a MASSIVE shoutout to the entity or crew known as Airloaf (the creators of the meme). In the most recent creations, Airloaf has made sure to impart the virus back unto itself with some clever insertions of composited graffix, the runtime equivalent of digital graffiti. This will have to suffice for now lest they figure out a way to encode beats with IR data or some such…

Have one final taste and remember the word FlyLo used: Church

oh well guess “it jes grew!”…


btw, read this in case you haven’t

stay tuned…

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Toussaint: A Danny Glover film featuring Mos Def

Nah, I ain’t joking either. Check here for yourself!

The cast list has some heavy hitters, with Don Cheadle and Angela Bassett playing Toussaint Louverture and Suzanne Louverture respectively. Oh and of course, Danté (aka Mos Def) too on the bill. Sounds hot, right?



I know most of you out there sleeping on Haiti, so here is some history for you:

François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture (born 20 May 1743 – died April 8, 1803) was an important leader of the Haitian Revolution. Born a slave in Saint-Domingue, in a long struggle for independence, he led enslaved Africans to victory over Europeans, abolished slavery, and secured native control over the colony in 1797 while nominally governor of the colony. He expelled the French commissioner Léger-Félicité Sonthonax, as well as the British armies; invaded Santo Domingo to free the slaves there; and wrote a constitution naming himself governor for life that established a new polity for the colony.

His name, translated from French, would mean “all the saints awakening.”

Toussaint Louverture played a key role in what was the first successful attempt by a subject slave population to throw off the yoke of Western colonialism. He defeated armies of three imperial powers: Spain, France, and Great Britain. The success of the Haitian Revolution had enduring effects on the institution of slavery throughout the New World. Haiti became the second independent republic in the Western Hemisphere.

Of course, there is mad drama surrounding this production. First and foremost is the fact that Danny ain’t shooting the film in Haiti, instead he is shooting it in Venezuela. Next is the fact that Hugo Chavez wants to support this project so much he has given Danny 18 million dollars to complete the film. (which has a 30 million dollar budget) Native filmmakers of Venezuela were no doubt miffed at this generous gesture. Politically speaking, it is kinda crazy for a leader of a country to do something like that; then again, the subject of Haiti itself is a ticking time bomb for most people. So in that way, it makes sense…

It will be very interesting to see if this project actually gets finished and how it will be received internationally. Haiti is pretty much synonymous with REBEL and all things anti western dominance. You just don’t mess with Haitians as a rule of thumb. Africa is flowing through their veins in a very potent manner. I’ll be following this one closely for sure…just imagine a film like this coming out with Obama as president (don’t forget the Wyclef meme angle either!)…think about it….



I think Haiti’s plight and struggles may finally surface in this country. People need to wake up.

Lets hope they will…

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